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Professional Standards

[This page contains information about professional standards for drug and alcohol professionals. For information on DANOS and other national occupational standards, see the Workforce Development section of this site.]

Members of regulated professions - such as doctors, nurses and social workers - are bound by their own statutory codes of practice, covering all aspects of their work, including where this relates to drugs and alcohol. But most drug and alcohol professionals are not members of regulated professions and there is currently no statutory code of practice specifically relating to drug and alcohol work.


All members of the Federation of Drug & Alcohol Professionals, however, are bound by a Code of Practice developed specifically for the drugs and alcohol field, and are subject to Complaints and Disciplinary procedures based around the code. And many other agencies and individuals chose to work in accordance with the Code's provisions.

FDAP's Code of Practice and Complaints & Disciplinary Procedures were developed following widespread consultation across the field. To view / download, click on the following links below: Code of practice / Complaints & disciplinary procedures.

For details of professional standards set by the professional bodies for counsellors, psychologists, doctors, nurses and social workers, please click on the relevant image below:



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