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Useful Links and Contacts


FDAP is not responsible for the services and websites listed on this page. The presence of a particular link on this page should not be taken to imply endorsement of the sites/services concerned.

UK links

Charity working on behalf of the families and loved ones affected by drug use.

Alcohol Concern
UK national agency concerned with alcohol misuse and alcohol-related matters.

Alcohol Education & Research Council
Grant making body in alcohol education and research field.

Alcohol Focus Scotland
National body in Scotland dealing with all aspects of alcohol related problems.

Alcohol Information Scotland
Scottish government site for practitioners in the alcohol field.

Alcohol Misuse Information
Department of Health site aimed at drugs practitioners.

The Alliance
Charity supporting people through drug treatment.

Beckley Foundation Drug Policy Programme
Charitably funded project providing an independent review of global drug policy.

Community Care
Web portal on social care - linked to Community Care magazine.

Substance Misuse Workforce Wales
Support workforce Development needs in the substance misuse field in Wales.

Drink & Drugs News
Fortnightly magazine from CJ Wellings.
Professional portal for those working with drugs and homelessness issues.

Drugs Misuse in Scotland
Scottish government site for practitioners in the drugs field.

Institute of Alcohol Studies
Body aiming to increase knowledge of alcohol and consequences of misuse.

Know the Score
Scottish web portal aimed at drug users and other interested parties.

London Drug and Alcohol Network
Network of services and staff working in the London area.

Mentor Foundation
Charity promoting good practice in drug prevention.

NACRO Resettlement Info
Site containing links and guidance for workers involved in resettlement.

Public Health England (PHE)

Executive agency of the Department of Health which aims to address iniqualities by removing barriers to good health.

Portman Group
Industry funded body promoting 'responsible' drinking and marketing of alcohol.

Legal focused charity for users & those who live/work with them.

Charity dealing with solvent and volatile substance abuse

Scottish Drugs Forum
Policy and information agency co-ordinating action on drugs in Scotland.

Scottish Training on Drugs and Alcohol (STRADA)

Leading national workforce development organisation supporting those working with and affected by drug and alchol misuse.

Skills Consortium

Independent, sector-led initiative to harness the ideas, energy and talent within the substance misuse treatment firld, to maximise the ability of the workforce, and to help more drug and alcohol misusers recover.

Society for the Study of Addiction
Research organisation in the addiction and addiction treatment field.

Substance Misuse Management in General Practice (SMMGP)
Supporting GPs and other health care professionals re. substance misuse.

Talk to Frank
Government-funded infomation service for substance users, families and friends.

The Medical Council on Alcohol

Committed to improving medical understanding of alcohol related problems.

Transform Drug Policy Foundation (TDPF)
Drug policy reform campaigning body.

UK Drug Policy Commission
Charity seeking to inform the direction and development of UK drug policy.

UK Drug Rehab

Providing basic information on addiction and related matters.

UK Harm Reduction Alliance
On-line community for people working in harm reduction field.

Overseas links

Web portal on alcohol from NSW state in Australia.

Canadian Council on Substance Abuse (CCSA)
Not-for-profit agency informing substance use policy and practice in Canada.

Web portal on alcohol from NSW state in Australia.

EMCDDA (European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Abuse)
Monitoring drug-use and drug-related problems throughout Europe.

IHRA (International Harm Reduction Association)
Brings together harm reduction practitioners around the world.

National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction (NCETA)
Australian national education and training body.

The Global Commission on Drug Policy

Discuss about ways to reduce the harm caused by drugs.


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